A designer ready to develop products with impact that can change the world

After finishing my bachelor, I am at a crossroads in my life. I could decide to pursue a masters degree and specialize in a narrow field in design, or I could start working and gain new experiences you do not find on campus. I have decided to start working. Even after the wide arrays of projects I have completed in university, my interests still shift and sway. Some real work (and life) experience might reveal to me in more detail what I want to create and design. When I had to choose between an internship or more courses, I decided to learn more theory before I went into the field. Now, I feel confident that I can handle real projects with real stakes. I am ready to start working and put my projects and ideas out there!


My most recent project, the Adventures of Mickey, is an AR game for children in years 3 and 4 of primary school. The game aims to motivate students to practice math, but also to help them develop their social skills and spatial awareness. The game achieves this using numerous game theories such as reward systems, self-determination theory, and intrinsic motivation, to create engagement with the player.

This project is dear to me because it is the first project I did by myself. Previous projects have always been group projects. Having to rely on my own skills and intuition was new to me. I decided that it would be beneficial for me to focus on my strengths. I choose the squad Play & Learn for my Final Bachelor Project because I believed this was the best fit for my strengths and interests. Game theory and the theory behind play are topics I find very interesting in both my personal life and previous projects.

While my Final Bachelor Project was probably the hardest thing I have done so far, I also grew a lot during it. I spend a large portion of my time getting to know my target audience and design space, skills acquired during Project 2. The latter half of the project I got to apply a lot of game and play theory. You can read more about The Adventures of Mickey on the home page.

During the last few years, I got to work with a lot of different students, each with their own skills and expertise. I got to see how much I still can learn in certain fields, but also how much I already know in others. I believe I have known reached a point where I feel like I can tackle anything. I know very well that this is more hubris than anything, yet I believe that my bachelor has not only changed me as a designer, but also a person. I learned how to problem solve efficiently, how to communicate with peers, how to approach clients and deduct research. Most importantly, I learned how to design products with impact that can change the world.

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