A designer with the skills, expertise, and experience to change the world forever.

I applied at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, for a Master of Philosophy in Design. Here I believe I can further develop upon my skills to reach that goal of becoming the best designer I can be. I chose QUT because I believe the change of setting will help me push my horizons and for their facilities and design outlook.
At QUT, I want to learn how to make my vision become a reality. I also aim to further develop my professional identity. There are many steps I still must take. For instance, I should be more proactive when it comes to approaching clients. Moving to a different continent will place me a new environment which can kick-start this goal.
Three years ago, I set the goal for myself to get my bachelor in Industrial Design. Right now, I am almost there. Three years from now, I aim to have a Master of Philosophy in Design to compliment that bachelor’s degree.


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